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Promo-site for the national film project "Tini Nezabutih Predkiv"

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We have developed the promo-site for the national film project "Tini Nezabutih Predkiv" ("The Shadows of unforgotten ancestors") - the most anticipated movie of 2013.

The main characters are young and talented actors who were chosen from three thousand applicants from all over Ukraine.

Among the well-known actors in the movie Olga Sumskaya, Bogdan Benyuk, Yuri Rozstalny, Valery Legin, Vladimir Nechiporenko, Constantine Linartovich, Olga Freimuth will play.

The movie "Tini Nezabutih Predkiv" - the story about Molfarovs, The Book of Shadows, Warlock and a common youth who are in the center of mysterious and mystical events. The plot takes place in Western Ukraine - Chernivtsi, on the territory of the famous university, and in the Carpathians.